We're more than just dog walkers

 We're a network of animal lovers, and your partner in caring for your dog.

We're more than just Dog Walkers

Underdogs is network of animal lovers, and your partner in caring for your dog

Dog walking DC


(The Owner) 

​ Greg lives for the dogs! His hands-on approach caters to each dog's needs. He balances running the business with walking dogs to develop a relationship with each client. Born and raised in DC, Greg has a passion for this city's four-legged companions.  


Dog walker DC Thom


Thomas cherishes his time with the dogs! He holds a Masters in neuropsychology and has an innate ability with animals and humans alike. When he's not walking dogs, Thomas can be found painting or practicing martial arts.  




Kwame always leaves the dogs barking for more! His fantastic spirit and positive energy woo all of the animals, great and small. 

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Sam is our resident political animal and office manager. When he's not out with the dogs or sending emails, he's out fighting the good fight and assuring a brighter future for us all.  


Do g walker DC Tom


(Pack Leader) 

Tom is a dog lover through and through! As the general manager, Tom is an indispensable part of Underdogs both in the office and, most importantly, in the field. His passion, knowledge, and dedication to the dogs enriches their lives and his.    


Dog walking DC


​Animals gravitate towards Joe's fun loving, energetic, personality.  His great sense of humor translates  into a compassionate, patient, and loving way with animals. The dogs can't get enough of Joe and he can't get enough of them! ​



​ Shannon showers the dogs with love and charms them with her fun-loving attitude. You'll find Shannon working on her photography and brainstorming her next novel when she's not out with the K9s.



Harlee keeps the dogs wagging with her fantastic energy! She has a natural gift with dogs and the heart to match! ​



Eric loves the dogs and charms everyone with his sense of humor! His love of music and people translates into a warm, attentive, fun-loving way with the pups.

"The Best Dog Walking DC has to Offer"

"The Best Dog Walking DC has to Offer"

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Copyright © 2017 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Underdogs Pet Care LLC